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Educational aid for the children of Southern Africa

         Registered Charity No.1142647

The EACHSA Trust “100 CLUB”

For a monthly chance to win a cash prize join out 100 club!

For those of you who aren't familiar with 100 Clubs, the idea is that up to 100 or more people give a monthly amount and, depending on the amount they want to give, are allocated one or more entries into a draw each month. A whopping 55% of the sum raised is returned in prizes to lucky winners chosen at random. Each monthly entry to our Club Draw is £5

100 entries at £5 each gives monthly prizes totalling £275! The money retained by the Trust pays for several shipments per year.

Please help us by joining: give yourself the chance of winning a monthly prize! Just fill in the downloadable forms  and return them to:

The EACHSA Trust 100 Club
11 Cromwell Road,
Berkshire   RG14 2HP

- ti€™s as simple as that.