Educational aid for the children of Southern Africa

         Registered Charity No.1142647

About Us

The EACHSA Trust is a new charitable trust to send Educational Aid to the CHildren of Southern Africa.

The children speak any one of nearly 100 languages, so they learn in English but have very few English books.

Our first project is to collect and clean any undamaged children's books in English and ship them to the University of Johannesburg.  From there they will be distributed to the children who need them most. Click here if you want to help.

These children often have no parents, and live in the most difficult conditions.  There are charities that deal with their physical needs and who send money and expertise to bring clean water and physical help to the villages, squatter camps and poorest areas.  We can give to those, but we also want to do something ourselves, something that can bring a little joy and the wonder of books to some very tough lives.  We hope that our project will go some way to help to provide a strong basis for education that these children need and deserve.

Our major expenses are petrol, van hire, and drivers, who enable us to collect the books for Southern Africa, as well as shipping from the UK to Southern Africa (which is expensive!).  Click here If you want to help by donating money.

Click here for future aims.