Educational aid for the children of Southern Africa

         Registered Charity No.1142647

TAB Crèche

TAB Crèche is in Coronationville about 5 minutes from Helen Joseph Hospital.

It was built and started in 1930 for children in the 'coloured' community. There is electricity and running water.

There are three classes each with a teacher and approximately 35-40 children per class, 100 children in total.

Children are given breakfast, mid morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Educational resources are minimal. Two classes share one large classroom with the Grade R's being in a separate classroom.

Fees for children are R7.50 per day or R350 per month, concessions are given to 13 children at present due to parents unemployment and the challenges of HIV and AIDS.

There are three teachers, a principal (fundraiser, book keeper, coordinator), two kitchen staff, one gardener and one roaming assistant teacher. City Year send some of their volunteers to the school to assist with activities with the children and UJ has sent students in the past.